Aviemore Photographic 'Edelweiss'
Feshiebridge , nr. Kingussie
PH21 1NG
Tel: 01540 651 322

Showing Portraits:

McKenzie Family Gathering
Aviemore 5th July 2014
McKenzie Family Gathering .
Aviemore 5th July 2014
Old Cameras Collection
Magic Lanterns, Plate Cameras, Leicas, March 2013
Aviemore Nursery
Christmas Concert 18th December 2012
Nursery Aviemore
Christmas concert 18th December 2012
Medical reunion
Coylumbridge Hotel Aviemore 4th July 2012
Netta and John 50th Anniversary
Family Gathering at Coylumbridge Aviemore 3rd June 2012
Coutts Family Gathering
Coylumbrige Hotel Aviemore 2nd June 2012
Trish & Ewan family
Newtonmore gathering 31st December 2011
Ann & Len family
Kingussie 30th December 2011
Innes Family
Gathering at Coylumbridge Hotel 6th November 2011
Higgins Family gathering
Coylumbridge Hotel 17th October 2011
Duncans 40th Birthday at Kincraig
Celebrations at Kincrag Village Hall 40th
Handley Family gathering
Carrbridge 1st September 2011
Harley-Davidson Rally
Harley Gathering in Aviemore 27th August 2011
University of Aberdeen
Medical School Graduation Ball 2nd July 2011
Munro Family Gathering
Aviemore High Burnside 14th April 2011
Cairndruie House Aviemore 3rd October 2010
Seaton family Gathering
March House Feshiebridge 28th August 2010
March House family gathering
anniversary 21st August 2010
Lady Macpherson Newtonmore
Family gathering at Craig Dhu 1st May 2010
Jeanette Family Gathering
Antighur DulnainBridge 11th April 2010
Annette Davidson Gathering
Cairndruie Inverdruie Aviemore 10th April 2010
Suzanne & David at Coylumbridge
70th Birthday Gathering
Julie McGee at Coylumbridge
Family gathering 20th March 2010
Tanya Family Gathering
Woodside Lodge Boat 14th March 2010
Coylumbridge Gathering Clarks
70th Birthday 13th March 2010
50th Anniversary [Francis]
International Starters Aviemore 5th Feb 2010
Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel with Santa
Christmas Day at Coylumbridge 2009
Coull Family
Sheilling Aviemore 26th October 2009
Coylumbridge Family Reunion
Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel 24th October 2009
Russell Allan celebration
Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel 17th October 2009
Riach Family Gathering
Boat of Garten 22nd August 2009
Europian Challenge Tour 29th July 2009
Spey Valley Golf Course Aviemore Macdonlad Resort
Partridge Family Gathering
Inverduie Aviemore 26th July 2009
Family at Badaguish
Gathering with Grantparents 3rd July 2009
Graduation Ball 27th June 2009
Reunion at Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel
Graduation Ball Coylumbridge 27th June 200
medical students gathering
Golden Wedding with Curries
Hilton Coylumbridge 9th May 2009
Santa at Coylumbridge Hilton DEC 2008
Santa with Aviemore Reindeer 24th December 2008
Morrison Construction .
Conference at Aviemore Highland Resort 25th Oct 2008
Morrison Construction
Conference at Aviemore Highland Resort 25th Oct 2008
Fiona and Tracey
Aviemore Highland Hotel 25th October 2008
the Association of British Neurologists Society
Hilton Coylumbridge 11th September 2008
the Association of British Neurologists Society
Hilton Coylumbridge 11th September 2008
Kirsty Miller Family
gathering at Four Seasons Hotel Aviemore 7th June 2008
Medics Reunion = Dundee
Hilton , Coylumbridge Hotel, Aviemore 7th May 2008
Birthday Party Girls
Nethybridge House May 2008
BP Conference
MacDonalds Highland Resort Aviemore 16th May 2008
Boat of Garten Village Hall March 2008
Coylumbridge Santa
Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel Aviemore Dec 2007
Pavel & Monica
not so long ago
Lenka & Carl
Visit to Edelweiss AUG 2006
Grantown Tennis Tournament
Finale 6th August 2006
Lenka, Carl and wee Pavel
no description